Net::LDAP 0.0.4 released

Announcing version 0.0.4 of Net::LDAP, the pure-Ruby LDAP library.

Thanks to the many people who have used this library and sent in
suggestions, feature requests, and patches. An even bigger thank-you to
folks who have made themselves available to help with testing.

Net::LDAP has been quite stable for several months now, so we bumped
the development status of the library up to Beta. We will still be
features and API improvements, but you can assume that the current
APIs and features will remain stable.

We’ve noticed that the Rails list gets regular chatter about
and authorization. To address what seems to be a clear need, we’d like
to create some Rails integration (probably a plugin) based on Net::LDAP.
I’d love to hear your ideas and insights on what would be the most
set of features to provide. Additionally, we’re thinking ahead to adding
and directory-aggregation to Net::LDAP, possibly through an additional
set of packages.

Version 0.0.4 adds an implementation of Net::LDAP#bind_as, which allows
you to authenticate users who log into your applications using simple
identifiers like email addresses and simple usernames. Thanks to Simon
for suggesting the original implementation in his page on the
and for valuable comments and help with testing.

We have un-deprecated Net::LDAP#modify, which can be useful with
LDAP servers that observe non-standard transactional and concurrency
semantics in LDAP Modify operations. Note: this is a documentation
not a code change. Thanks to Justin F. for providing the rationale
for this change.

We added a larger set of special characters which may appear in RFC-2254
standard search filters. Thanks to Andre N. for this patch.

We fixed a bug that was preventing Net::LDAP#open from being called more
than once on the same object.

Net::LDAP is a feature-complete LDAP client which can access as much as
possible of the functionality of the most-used LDAP server
This library does not wrap any existing native-code LDAP libraries,
Ruby extensions, and has no dependencies external to Ruby.

If anyone wants to contribute suggestions, insights or (especially)
code, please email me at garbagecat10 … …

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