Net-http-persistent 2.5 Released

net-http-persistent version 2.5 has been released!

Manages persistent connections using Net::HTTP plus a speed fix for Ruby
It’s thread-safe too!

Using persistent HTTP connections can dramatically increase the speed of
Creating a new HTTP connection for every request involves an extra TCP
round-trip and causes TCP congestion avoidance negotiation to start

Net::HTTP supports persistent connections with some API methods but does
handle reconnection gracefully. Net::HTTP::Persistent supports
and retry according to RFC 2616.

=== 2.5 / 2012-02-07

  • Minor enhancements

    • The proxy may be changed at any time.
    • The allowed SSL version may now be set via #ssl_version.
      Issue #16 by astera
    • Added Net::HTTP::Persistent#override_headers which allows overriding
    • Net::HTTP default headers like User-Agent. See
      Net::HTTP::Persistent@Headers for details. Issue #17 by andkerosine
  • Bug fixes

    • The ruby 1.8 speed monkeypatch now handles EAGAIN for windows users.
      Issue #12 by Alwyn Schoeman
    • Fixed POST example in README. Submitted by injekt.
    • Fixed various bugs in the shutdown of connections especially
      (which you shouldn’t be doing anyways).