Net-http-persistent 2.2 Released

Manages persistent connections using Net::HTTP plus a speed fix for Ruby
It’s thread-safe too!

Using persistent HTTP connections can dramatically increase the speed of
Creating a new HTTP connection for every request involves an extra TCP
round-trip and causes TCP congestion avoidance negotiation to start

Net::HTTP supports persistent connections with some API methods but does
handle reconnection gracefully. Net::HTTP::Persistent supports
and retry according to RFC 2616.

=== 2.2 / 2011-10-24

  • Minor Enhancements
    • Added timeouts for idle connections which are set through
      The default timeout is 5 seconds. Reducing the idle timeout is
      over setting #retry_change_requests to true if you wish to avoid the
      many connection resets” error when POSTing data.
    • Documented tunables and settings in one place in

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