Net::HTTP.get_reponse issues


I’m struggling a bit trying to interface with the Amazon ECS web service
using Net::HTTP.

The code I’ve got so far is …

def index

search_artist = 'Pink Floyd'

amazon_params = {'Service' => 'AWSECommerceService',
  'AWSAccessKeyId' => '[Removed for security]',
  'AssociateTag' => '[Removed for security]',
  'Operation' => 'ItemSearch',
  'ResponseGroup' => 'Small,Images',
  'SearchIndex' => 'Music',
  'Artist' => search_artist}.map { |key,value|


amazon_response = Net::HTTP.get_response(‘’,
‘/onca/xml?’ << amazon_params, 80)

@xml = amazon_response.code


But it will only ever return a 500 - Internal Server Error response, yet
if I type the URL in manually the response comes back as it should.

This is my first dabble with the Net:HTTP library so I apologize if the
answer is really simple.

All help would be greatly appreciated.