Net/http for Googles Authentication api

def process_token(token)
  url =


  request =
  request['Content-Type'] = "text/html; charset=utf-8"
  request['User-Agent'] = "Ruby client"
  request['Authorization'] = "AuthSub token='#{token}'"
  res = Net::HTTP.start(, 80) do |sess|

That is the code I’m using to send a request to with a special header
attribute (Authorization) containing a token provided by Google. The
code above results in a 404 exception, I don’t think it’s sending the
correct request.

Any suggestions as to what I did wrong or how I can view the entire
request sent so I at least have an idea of whats wrong?

Joe S. wrote:


request sent so I at least have an idea of whats wrong?

A 404 not found is not something that a server usually spits out when
you have merely given it the wrong information. Error, Access Denied,
Authentication Failed, something, but not a 404. So I strongly suspect
your URL is wrong. Try https? (though that would mean using Net::HTTPS
instead of Net::HTTP). One strategy would be to find something that
successfully connects to Google by this method (if you have a working
example in another language, or even a binary file), you should run that
and sniff your own packets to see exactly what is being sent.
“livehttpheaders” is a Firefox extension that I use for this sort of
thing, if there is any way for you to use a web browser to log in to
this google authentication thing.

Good luck,

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