Nested Resources + :name_prefix

I have a resource that has a name_prefix to avoid clashing with another
named route. I am nesting multiple resources inside this resource, and
the name_prefix is not being inherited for the generated named routes by
the nested resources. This is an issue for me because this is clashing
with other named routes. Here is the example from my routes.rb file

map.resources :companies do |company|
company.resources :jobs

map.resource :company, :name_prefix => “single_” do |company|
company.resources :jobs

These named routes generate fine:
company_path(1): “/companies/1”
single_company_path: “/company”

Here is the problem:
company_jobs_path: “/company/jobs”
Should (I believe) be:
single_company_jobs_path: “/company/jobs”
and this should be:
company_jobs_path(1): “/companies/1/jobs”

I might stare at the resources.rb file for a while. Is this proper
behavior or should the name_prefix be inherited by the nested resources?