Nested Resource Single Form

Hi all, I’m curious to what is the best practice/solution for
handling one-to-many relationships in a single form not using AJAX.
For example, if I have a question with many choices (e.g. a multiple
choice survey), It’s generally a better user experience to have a form
that allow the user to edit the question & the choices on the same
form (one save instead of multiple save). For non-RESTful solution, I
generally use field_for inside another form_for. However, lumping all
these info into one form seems to be break Rail’s RESTful convention.
On top of it all, whenever I face this kind of single-form x-to-many
CRUD, I generally find myself writing a semi-complex validation loop.
Do you guys have any other solutions to this problem? I await for
your wisdom. :slight_smile: