Nested each loops


sorry for double post
So I keep getting “undefined method `each’ for #<Definition:
0x28fa154>”. The call that gets made returns 1 word object with 2
definition objects. I can verify both definition objects get returned
with all there attributes because I can output data like this:

<% @word.definitions.each do |h| %>

<%=h h.definition %>

<%=h %>

<% end %>

But I’d like to not write out every definition attribute so I attempt
to loop those as well like this:

<% @word.definitions.each do |h| %>
<% h.each do |i| %>

<%=h h.i %>

<% end %>
<% end %>

But get the above mentioned error. My guess is I’m getting a returned
data type that is not an array? So I can’t loop them the same way?
Your suggestions would be very helpful, thanks.

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