Nested controllers

Hello all,

Can anyone give me a bit of advice on nested controllers?

I am using rails 1.2.6.

I have controllers/views directory structures as:



The ideas is that summary information about all products is provided
by actions in the products controller, and information specific to
each product is provided from the nested product controllers. Url’s
would be as:

for general products information

for information specific to product 1

This all seems to work fine on my windows development environment, but
on production linux environment with exact same versions of ruby and
rails it cannot resolve the product-specific url’s with a
“ActionController::UnknownAction (No action responded to product1):”

Removing/renaming the products_controller.rb does allow the nested
product-specific urls to be resolve, but of course the generic
products information is no longer viewable under /products.

Is there a better/correct way of doing this?

Any info gratefully received…