Nested arrays with creating csv data

arr1 = [[“devdb”,“emp_table”,“addedd”]]
arr2 = [[“devdb”,“cust_table”,“custname”,“deleted”]]

please help me how can get the above data in below form of csv data

dbname tablename column_name action
devdb emp_table nil added
devdb cust_table custname deleted

Hi, you could use arr1.flatten.join(",") or arr1.flatten.join(";").

Here is the doc of the method flatten

You’ll have to have some way of specifying that arr1 doesn’t contain a column_name – either by inserting nil or using a Hash instead ({dbname: 'devdb', tablename: 'emp_table', action: 'added'}).

Once you’ve got that, @imperiumzigna’s suggestion will work – or you could use to_csv instead of join. (As a matter of fact, it seems you don’t need flatten with join, but you will with to_csv.)

Personally I like to work with CSV::Table rather than just CSV, but it is a bit more complex and doesn’t natively support easy conversions from other data types.

Using Workato formula mode, filter records and select relevant fields for CSV.

Nested arrays or objects will simply be stringed and copied as is in each cell.

Has there been any fix created for this yet???