Needing some serious help :P

Hi All

Ok here’s my delima. I have nginx acting as my reverse proxy, and a
backend IIS server assigned with multiple addresses.

nginx server address:

IIS server Addresses:

so everything coming in to works fine and goes to the proper
app server…However I also need the app server to make outbound
connections as

so here’s the map.

user request page > nginx forwards to server > iis processes request
… this works perfectly.

However my application also needs to look up information from the users
site without the user requesting it (security stuff)…

so i need something like

IIS app goes out to make request from > nginx needs to
grab that identity and assign it the address of > user site
accept request because is a trusted IP.

How can this be accomplished? Right now all my request are being
rejected but it’s passing the information through the default gateway
not through nginx.

All help appreciated…


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NginX is a reverse proxy, and it sounds like you might want a forward

Yes, yes… I need both a forware and reverse proxy. Is nginx able to
handle both rolls?

If so could you give me an example I can run with?