Need to restart Webrick each time I change my model


I’m new to rails and I’m following along the depot sample application
in Agile Web D. with Rails

From what I understand I should not need to restart the server after
making changes to the model as long as I am in dev mode.

I got stuck on the part where you need to update the add_product
function in cart.rb in order for it to not insert the same product
twice but just increase the quantity.

For about an hour I was wondering why nothing changed and I tried all
sorts of stuff until I decided to give restarting the server a try. And
that did the trick
But isn’t that unnecessarry when running in dev mode?


In development mode you don’t need to restart the server when you
make changes to your controllers or views. But you do need to
restart the server when you change a model.


in model , make sure you
include Reloadable or is
subclass of ActiveRecord::Base(which include Reloadable).

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