Need to point Ruby to my main site


I’m a new in RoR but has good web development background…

I have installed test domain and ordered Shared hoting from hostforweb
I have tried ROR on my local PC and all is working just Great but the
question is

here is the original site

I do not know how to make the site be fine and without :3000

I want to have just

please help me and give any idea how tomake it…

I have been looking trough the web whole day and have not found

Thanks in advance

This has nothing to do with your rubyonrails application,

you need to configure your server to use the 80 port(default) as all
browser use that, and then you can use:

I just Googled ‘redhat ruby on rails’ and found this:

I didn’t read the whole thing, but it looked like it was explaining
how to configure Linux to point directly to Rails.

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