Need to create a NewsLetter Funtionality in RoR


Me a newbie in RoR - switching from .NET. i want to write an application
that has a newsletter functionality where I can create an interface
where in
I can have options to send newsletters to multiple people in the

i need to make a form which has from hardcoded, to is selected from te
database maybe a listbox next to it and then a subject and text area.

how wud i go about doing this in RoR

Vivian Aranha

i found some great videos in

Vivian Aranha


I would highly recommend that you pick up a copy of the “Agile Web
Development with Rails” book. This book contains all the information
you need for developing your newsletter application.

Focus on the section explaining ActionMailer.

Apart from that you will need to have a general understanding of
building RoR applications, which is the REST of what you need to
know. All this is explained in the book and shouldn’t be a difficult
application to write.