Need some help with a text control event

If you have a static text control:


… which extends into a module:

module SomeModule
def some_event(label)

and you are firing off events from other text controls using:

@static_text_control.some_event(“some updated text here”)

… the above works fine…

But, how do you force the same method to fire from a non-text control

def some_custom_method
@static_text_control.some_event(“some new label”)

@static_text_control is now nil:NilClass…

My issue is how to mimic a static text control update from another
method that is not a text control, but more of a string variable. I’ve
tried many different things but nothing has worked. I could use some

The @static_text_control will be holding approx. 8 separate and distinct
labels. Right now I have it processing 4 separate labels fine and
without issues. The problem I have now is the next 4 labels are just
going to be string variables and I don’t know how to force that method
to notice and update them, or how to call a particular event from a
non-text control.

Nevermind, as always, with a little patience and resolve, I figured it

The object instance variable was being called from the extended module
and not from the public instance methods. Therefore, it could not be
recognized. I just created a dual method call on the block itself:

evt_list_item_right_click(@list_sites.get_id()) {|event|

So, the list control which manages a right click event that calls a
popup menu still functions and when the person clicks on the popup menu,
the update level method is called on the builder text object correctly.

I hope this helps someone else out down the road.

Take care.