Need Ruby on Rails Senior Developer

Company: Eborhood
Industry: Ecommerce/communication/Real Estate - map-based search,
communication, and execution
Location: Based in Texas
Pay: over $50K-$250K - more if you’re worth it

We are in need of a programmer that has a great set of ruby/rails
skills. We have had a few problems hitting deadlines because some
programmers would do things at their convenience. We need a serious
programmer that has full knowledge of the ruby on fails framework. If
you think you’re serious, then send a portfolio or resume to
[email protected]

Anyway, a little more information about This hub
focuses on connecting local people, places, and things while helping
them interact in a meaningful way - unlike Facebook, MySpace or
Twitter. Eborhood allows users to interact and execute on their
desires. We’re not talking about anything x-rated, we are talking
about that Nintendo Wii you couldn’t find for your child for
Christmas! In sum, we offer many different services such as online
leasing to bartering, all local. We also are creating a peer to peer
systems for finance and logistics. It’s going to be great. We want
someone on our team who feels the same way.

I could go on about this, but let’s just get down to the point. We
need to finish out some of our widgets that were made by our last
programmers. If you are deeply intrigued and interested, contact us
for the beta link which is unavailable to the public at the moment.

Many of our features and updates are not pushed out and are on hold
until we find the best individual to add the finishing touches. Below
are some thing we require our lead ruby developer to know:

* Widgets - creating, editing
* EC2 setup
* Google Maps configuration & usage
* Sphinx configuration & usage
* Code compatibility across all computers and operating systems
* Complete knowledge of Ajax
* Google Maps API
* PCI compliancy

Our current developer will ask you something like this:

* What does acts_as_relationable do for each subclassed models?

If you feel like you have the skill set for the above, then we can
offer the salary that best matches your skill set. We are open to
suggestions from you. We also offer vacation days and shares if you
go above and beyond our expectations.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Rajan Babaria

App is interesting, sound like you need someone with drive
and deep experience. Did I say DRIVE :).

I’m held the post of CTO, but still very hands on, and very intense.
If you need someone to get in, roll up the sleves and get something
done, I dont mind.

Far as your question, I usually set down in a large screen, and have
the reference I need, and get things done. I’ve done 500+ table rails
app in aviation, so lot of what you saying seems really simple to me.

drop me a mail at glennswest at yahoo dot come dot sg

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