Need RoR Developer

Hi Everyone!

I’ve got a project that’s nearing completion and our RoR dev has
bailed on us. In need of a freelancer who can pick this up and finish
it off for us. We’re a production company who uses a core group of
freelancers so this is a great chance to pick up more work as well
(RoR and other). Please message me if you’re interested and I’ll give
you some details on the project!

At the risk of repeating myself :slight_smile:

You should probably clarify whether you’re looking for local, national
or international and whether you’re offering market cash comp on an
hourly basis (an hourly range would help to better match the right
applicants) or a fixed bid (again, give a ballpark budget). It’ll just
save everyone a lot of time.

Best Wishes,

Oops, you’re definitely right…

We’re looking for local or national and will be paying an hourly
rate… I don’t have the exact rate at the moment but we’re highly
negotiable - looking for someone at an intermediate level.

yea, where abouts are you and how are you paying? Paypal?

thank you :slight_smile:

On 8 June 2011 19:43, Lorysa R. [email protected] wrote:

We’re looking for local or national

Which nation? … Which locality? … :-/