Need one decent example of has_many/through with checkboxes

I’m looking for one decent example showing
three associated tables in a
has_many / through configuration
where checkboxes show the status of the
association, and can be used to
select/deselect the association.

Has such an example been published?
Not the “habtm” examples, please.

A many-to-many relatonship something like (for example):
Actors <—> Roles <—> Stageplays

Each actor can be in many stageplays.
Each stageplay has many actors.
And the “Roles” table can have extra info like dates, awards, etc.

I’m looking for any “published” solution for
“has_many through” relationships. Where modifying the status of a
“has_many through” relationship (e.g., unchecking a checkbox) in the
“view” ripples consistently through the view, the database, and all
other associated views…

Does such a solution exist?

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