Need help with tunnel connection issue in net-ssh


I need some help resolving an issue with running several connections
simultaneously through a single tunnel connection. From the bug

Where I noticed an issue is when utilized a forwarded port created
with Net::SSH to connect a local port to a remote host http proxy
server. A browser, then configured locally to use said local port will
obviously utilize alot of simultaneous connections as it makes
requests through the connection. We’re noticing that if you’re “nice”
and allow pages to load (connections to be created, used, then
shutdown gracefully) you’re fine - but if you interrupt the connection
by browsing to other links in mid-download, or hit your stop button,
we see “connection forcibly reset” exceptions from buffered_io.rb’s
fill method, and then the forwarded connection is basically locked up
until you re-establish.

And there’s a script to help reproduce it.

The bug report is here:

If someone can help resolve it I’ll incorporate the fix into the next
release (with kudos, of course!).