Need help with categories in Typo

I’ve upgraded to Typo 4.0 and now have an issue with the Articles

Here’s the issue:

In Typo 2.6.0 I had changed the Articles Controller code like such:

def category
if category = Category.find_by_permalink(params[:id])
@articles = Article.find(:all, :conditions => [%{ published != 0
AND = articles_categories.article_id
AND articles_categories.category_id = ? },],
:joins => ‘, articles_categories’,
:order => “title ASC”)

  @pages = self, @articles.size,

config[:limit_article_display], @params[:page]
start = @pages.current.offset
stop = ( - 1) rescue @articles.size

  @articles = @articles.slice(start..stop)
  render :action => "index"
  error("Can't find posts in category #{params[:id]}")


Basically I wanted the category hyperlinks in the sidebar to return
the results in alphabetical order ( I ordered them with “title ASC”).
A-Z instead of reverse chronological order.

This worked great but in the new Typo 4.0, the code for categories has
drastically changed, now it is as follows:

def category

It goes through a series of steps before rendering the index.

I’m kind of a newbie Ruby coder. Any thoughts on how to alphabetize
category results in Typo 4.0?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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