Need help understanding namespace rules-modules and classes

I’m having a namespace collision and I think I need some basic
understanding of how Ruby is managing namespaces. I am 99% sure I know
which namespaces are colliding, but I’m not completely clear on how to
resolve it.

I have Module A (rubyful_soup.rb) which defines class Tag. It appears
that this Tag class is not defined inside of a module.

I have Module B (node.rb) which defines class Tag. It appears that this
Tag class is defined inside of a module called HTML.

However, I seem to be unable to avoid a “wrong number of arguments”
error when an attempt is made to instantiate Tag in node.rb, and I am
pretty sure that Tag from rubyful_soup.rb is interfering.

Here are my questions:

  1. If I define a class inside of a module, and then address that class
    by module_name::class_name, should that ensure that I will get that
    class? Is the namespace actually defined by the module names or not?

  2. Assuming that module::class is the correct way to address the class,
    then within a module, would I need to address my classes using
    module::class consistently or can I just use the class name in the

Can someone give me an example of how I could address having two
different classes of the same name in two different modules?

I’m just not understanding what the equivalent of the Java package
structure is in Ruby.