Need help translating Ruby code

Hi I am new to Ruby from Python and am still learning some stuff. I
have a Ruby program that uses the mechanize library to connect to a Web
site and authenticate with a username and password. The issue I have is
that I need to get this code translated into Python. The Python
mechanize library is not very well documented and I was wondering if
anyone here had any experience using this library in Ruby or Python.
Basically the only tricky part of this program is that it needs to add a
field to the form on the page. This extra field, “__EVENTTARGET”, needs
to be added explicitly. I cannot find the Python equivalent to the,nil) method. Thank you in advance.
I hope I explained myself well.

require 'rubygems'
require 'mechanize'

Hpricot.buffer_size = 262144

auth = {
  :username => "[email protected]",
  :password => "letmeinalready"

login_url = "" # !>
`&' interpreted as argument prefix
agent  =
page = agent.get( login_url )
my_form = page.forms.first

my_form['ctl00$MasterMainBodyContent$txtUsername']= auth[:username]
my_form['ctl00$MasterMainBodyContent$txtPassword']= auth[:password]

target_field =,nil) = "__EVENTTARGET"
target_field.value  = "ctl00$MasterMainBodyContent$btnLogin"
my_form.fields << target_field

new_page = my_form.submit

# examine output to make sure it worked
new_page = agent.get("")

pp new_page

On Mon, Sep 8, 2008 at 9:28 PM, Kevin T. [email protected]

I hope I explained myself well.
auth = {
my_form[‘ctl00$MasterMainBodyContent$txtUsername’]= auth[:username]

examine output to make sure it worked

new_page = agent.get(“”)

pp new_page

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I think this would be a better question for a Python list as you want a
Python answer.

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