Need help setting up a Unit Testing GUI for Ruby under Eclipse

I am learning how to code in Ruby under Eclipse and would like to take
advantage of a unit testing GUI, like JUnit for Java.
According the following URL
(IBM Developer)
it definitely seems like this is possible.
However the instructions there are for Test::unit while Ruby 1.9.3 comes
with MiniTest::Unit.
Can anyone direct me to a clear set of instruction about how to set up
MiniTest::Unit with Eclipse, or if I understand correctly and the way to
go if you insist on GUI is to install the Test:Unit gem then how to set
that up.
My current hang-up is the following:

  1. I right click Test.rb file
  2. select Run AS → Run configuration
  3. select “Ruby Test” from the list
  4. Eclipse finds Test::Unit but then when I need to select the project
    by clicking the browse button I get an empty list (see attached image).