Need Help on "Virtual Timer Expired" issue

Hi Everyone,

I am new to RoR and in the past couple of years, I was mostly involved
Java/J2EE programming.

I’ve just started learning ruby and rails from the last few days.
Programming in Ruby on Rails is fun, the one thing I like the most is
worrying about the boiler plate code implementations that we quite often
up/setting up while developing any web application. But for some reason,
found it was not that easy to install RoR on a linux machine like with
Ubuntu and get it running. I had to spend quite a lot of time to get my
ruby, rails installed and bring up the webrick server. It doesn’t end
I had some older version of e-books for Rails which used to have classic
pagination and scaffolding stuff which simple doesn’t work on the later
version of rails. It was quite bit late to realize all these changes in
place for Rails 2.3.5 but then I managed to come out of every problem
that I
faced and was able to build my first rails application. It all went good
until this error when I tried to create some sessions on the database
through rake or even for that matter run db:migrate via rake. Even
rake with ‘trace’ on didn’t helped me much.

             *Virtual Timer Expired* (on executing rake

db:sessions:create or db:migrate)

As I did some googling around, the only suggestion I finding is
or downgrade ruby version. But it is the last thing I would like to do
progressing this long.

I will be really glad to hear from you, if there is a better solution to
this problem.

The details of my current environment are follows:

OS : Ubuntu Jaunty Jakalope
Ruby Version : ruby 1.8.6 (2010-02-05 patchlevel 399) [i686-linux]
Rails Version: Rails 2.3.5
Rake Version: rake, version 0.8.7
Database: mysql Ver 14.12 Distrib 5.0.75, for debian-linux-gnu (i486)
readline 5.2


Just a small update, I got this issue fixed by downgrading the version
‘mysql’ gem that I installed from 2.8.1 to 2.7 and the rake db:migrate
stopped throwing the ‘Virtual Time Expired’ error.