Need Help in Aol Login with mechanize

Hello There,

I am tring to develop an aotometed login script for
in ruby.For this purpose I am using mechanize. my code is given bellow:

require ‘rubygems’; require ‘mechanize’

agent =
#agent.user_agent_alias = ‘Windows IE 6’
page = agent.get(‘’)
page = agent.get(‘’)
url= url[0…url.index(’"’)-1]

frm = page.forms[0]
frm.loginId=#‘Aol user name’
frm.password=#‘Aol Password’
page = agent.submit(frm)
url =
puts url

page =agent.get(url)
puts page.body

but the the page body is gives me the error page. I think it misses some
cookies. But I am not so familier with mechanize’s cookie issue. Is the
any boby who can help me? Please help me with iths issue.


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