Need help : Getting 502 response status code for specific URL

Hi nginx team,

I am getting 502 bad gateway error for particular URL.

Application details :
Rails 3.1.0
Ruby 1.9.2
unicorn 4.2.0
resque 1.20.0
redis 2.4.8

nginx error log :
2013/02/12 07:36:16 [error] 32401#0: *1948 upstream prematurely closed
connection while reading response header from upstream

I have also posted my question on stack-overflow, please find it
but couldn’t got any response.

Please guide me to solve this problem.

Raghvendra Kumar Parashar

502 Bad Gateway usually indicates a problem with the application (or
upstream) server. In this case, I think that would be Unicorn. Double
check that Unicorn is configured and running and correctly and that the
port or socket that you have in your nginx config is the same as the
one Unicorn is listening on.