Need help for my Presentation on ROR


   I need some documents, white papers etc for my presentation in my

organization(My organization got Ruby fever!).My topic is lengthy one.
Ruby on Rails ability to build small ,medium and large scale web/stand
alone applications (centralized/distibuted) interms of usability,
calability, portabilty, maintainability, Secutity etc. Comparision with
J2EE also a welcome thing.
I am going through Google .Still your input might be more please give me useful links.


Look at InfoQ articles for ruby on rails
(Ruby on Rails) they have some pretty good articles.
Couple of articles I like are
“A Look at Common Performance Problems in Rails” By Stefen Kaes
(A Look at Common Performance Problems in Rails)

From Java to Ruby: Risk By Bruce Tate
(From Java to Ruby: Risk)

Hope it helps.