Need help fixing features/inband-usb build error

Hey all,

I’m looking for some help building features/inband-usb

Eric and I couldn’t exactly figure out what causes this at the hackfest,
and I’ve spent
some more time with it and still can’t figure it out.

the root of the cause is in usrp/host/lib/inband and

it builds, but does not get copied in to .libs for linking of the
libusrp_inband library.
If you do a make clean, and then a make again, it will typically work.
Overall, I can’t
seem to find any pattern to this, only that it fails 100% of the time on
a clean checkout
of features/inband-usb. is under the lib’s sources:
libusrp_inband_la_SOURCES =

I’d greatly appreciate any help