Need help developing a plugin

I’m working on a plugin and I’m having some issues. I’m trying to
check in the code so that it is always usable as a plugin for general
users. So my stylesheets, etc. are in an ‘assets’ directory instead
of ‘public’, etc. (I should also mention I am using the engines

During development I have an empty top level project and my plugin is
in vendors/plugin. The problem is the IDE’s and Rails scripts are all
geared towards development in the project root. Any suggestions for a
simple way to develop a plugin in the “top level” but still work as a
plugin when I check it into SVN? I was thinking there might be some
scripts that I could keep local to my machine to set things right.
Perhaps alter the server startup script? Or maybe I’m going about
this all wrong.



not sure if i understood what you want but it sounds like you might
want something like svn:externals

see if that is what you want, and if not, let the group know.


Hmmm. I hadn’t thought of svn:externals (although I’ve used them -
and been burned by them in the past.) I guess if this would purely
for developer convenience we could avoid some of the pitfalls of that
approach. The biggest problem I’ve had in the past with externals is
keeping them all consistent when branching and tagging. I

Thanks for the tip.


OK one problem though is with individual files. svn:externals does
not support individual files. Maybe we tweak the server script to
copy over these from a different location? Any other suggestions?


May be

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On 7/25/07, schof [email protected] wrote:

in vendors/plugin. The problem is the IDE’s and Rails scripts are all