Need assistance figuring out the logic for my controller

Good afternoon,

I’m working on a small app that generates some dynamic charts using

I have a view that contains some different chart links in a side bar.
Then in the center of the page I have a div for the charts. When
clicking a chart link I would like to do the following:

Can this be done using an RJS template?

I built a skeleton RJS template so it would mimic what I ultimately
want to do for my page:

page.replace_html :chartStatus, ‘

Generating your chart data.

page.visual_effect :highlight, ‘chartStatus’, :duration => 3
page.replace_html :chartDisplay, ‘
page.delay(5) do
page.replace_html :chartStatus, ‘

Done. Click chart for larger
version or right click to save.

page.visual_effect :highlight, ‘chartStatus’, :duration => 3
page.replace_html :chartDisplay, ‘Chart goes here.’

I’ll plug away and see if I can find any other instances of this,
thanks in advance for any help.