Need an "indicator" on the GUI display

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The number sink has a gauge option.

On Saturday, January 25, 2014, [email protected] wrote:

Thanks for any ideas.

Very Respectfully,

Dan CaJacob

Hi Jim,

you can easily code your own GUI ;). Actually, I find that streaming
values via UDP or TCP to a remote python application works rather
And I find that gygtk and pycairo are rather powerful toolsets.
Also I fiddled around with different python web frameworks, taking data
from a socket, and “rendering” it by updating a browser page using ajax,
but I kind of lost interest on the way… But maybe this might be of
interest to your application case.


If you build a wx.App application you can use wx.StaticBitmap indicators
for each channel. The bitmap for each channel can then be SetBitmap() to
either a red or green circle, for example, depending on whether the
exceeds a threshold. The power measurements and threshold checks can be
performed in a loop/sleep thread. Multithreading with gui applications
have issues so be sure to use wx.MutexGuiEnter() before the SetBitmap
and wx.MutexGuiLeave() after.


On 01/26/2014 05:34 PM, Marcus M. wrote:


YOu can stick a PROBE in the path, and have a static-text box take the
output of a variable that tells you whether threshold exceeded or not.
It’s not a “lamp”, but it does the job.