Nebular Gauntlet v0.5

So it has been almost 6 months since the last release of Nebular
Gauntlet, which is too long. This release features many improvements
over the last one as seen below. However, I have disabled multiplayer
in this release as it is basically unworking and is pointless to try
right now. Hopefully, for the next release I will be able to get it

Steven D.

Nebular Gauntlet v0.5 Release Notes

== What is Nebular Gauntlet? ==
Nebular Gauntlet is a 2D, top-down, asteroids inspired space shooter
that hopes
to show that Ruby really is a wonderful language for every application.

== Changes? ==

  • Online Multiplyer options disabled until further notice
  • Sound system
  • New Weapon Effects - Scatter, Particle Effects, Homing
  • Timer class for timed powerups
  • AI Improvements
  • Particle System
  • Mission Settings configured through YAML files
  • Map directory format improved
  • New menu font
  • General code cleanups, fixes

== Dependencies ==

Fox 1.6 for Map Editor

== Links: ==

== License ==
Nebular Gauntlet is licensed under the GPL v2.

== Copyright ==
(c) 2006-07 Steven D.