Neapolitan v0.4.0 released

Neapolitan 0.4.0 has been released.

Neapolitan is a meta-templating engine. Like a candy store it allows you
to pick and choose from a variety of rendering formats in the
construction of a single document. Selections include eruby, textile,
markdown and many others.

This release updates Neapolitan for use with the latest version of Malt
(v0.4.0). At the same, time the underlying API has been improved. The
API remains compatible with the previous version, with the exception of
one YAML front matter property --the common field has been renamed to
finish, to better indicate when it is applied during rendering.


  • Rename common metadata property to finish.
  • Add #format block setter for applying complex format rules.
  • Apply #select and #reject blocks during rendering instead of before.
  • Update part rendering for compatibility with Malt 0.4+.