Ncurses-ruby bugs


Sorry for posting here. I mailed the email in the code 3 weeks back but
no response. has closed bug reporting.

  1. dynamic_field_info (form_wrap.c):
    The function takes 3 arrays, but was not allowing 3.
    I changed 2 to 3 in line 1392, column 44. This is 0.9.1.

RB_CLASS_METH(cFIELD, dynamic_field_info,2);

RB_CLASS_METH(cFIELD, dynamic_field_info,3);

Now the method is callable.

  1. ungetch: Many methods go through “method_missing”. But this fails on
    ungetch and is likely to give an error on other methods too. I was not
    confident of touching that part of the code, so opened the class in ruby
    as follows:

module Ncurses
class WINDOW
def ungetch(ch)

Something similar can be done for other methods that fail in