NBFM modulation block

I want to know what internally does NBFM modulation block,

How I can build that function with separated blocks??

I want to know what internally does NBFMmodulationblock,

How I can build that function with separated blocks??

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You could look at the source code. It’s freely available.

For what it is worth, some might (or might not) be interested in the
tutorial document I wrote concerning the implementation of some decoding
for GNURadio, from signal processing prototyping using GNU/Octave on
recorded signals
to the actual bloc http://jmfriedt.free.fr/en_sdr.pdf

For the French speaking audience, this document is a translation to
English of the
article in French published in GNU/Linux Magazine France available at
http://jmfriedt.free.fr/lm_sdr.pdf, translation performed following some
received after the Physics for Development Conference
held last October in Brussels (Belgium). As an extension of this
document, I am currently
completing an extension towards the implementation of some time and
frequency analysis
algorithms targetted at using GNURadio and the sound card interface as
generator and acquisition (network analyzer application, frequency
counter, phase measurement)
for teaching and hobby applications.

Any comment or correction is welcome, these documents are not aimed at
being static but to
evolve depending on the feedback I might receive.


JM Friedt, FEMTO-ST Time & Frequency/SENSeOR, 32 av. observatoire, 25044
Besancon, France