Navigation Bug?

I am currently working on a site with a rather convoluted navigation
scheme (it wasn’t my decision, the graphic designer came up with it,
and the client likes it, so I must comply).

When trying to simplify and DRY up the navigation snippets I’ve come
across what appears to be a bug. The contents of the snipped are below:

    • -->

The line with the arrow (the nested LI) is the issue. I have tried
making it:


  • <r:title/>
  • </r:child>

    which also fails.

    The output is quite odd. The LI gets printed the proper number of
    times, but the url and title are all pointed to the parents.

    Anyone have any ideas?


    The navigation tag doesn’t operate in the context of a given page, only
    with respect to the title and url given in the urls attribute. So
    essentially, you don’t have access to the pages directly.


    Damn, not a bug. ok

    How terrible or difficult would it be to hack it to do what we need?
    At the moment we circumvented the problem with Javascript :frowning:


    I have a modified version of the navigation tags here:

    The documentation is poor, but essentially you can just put
    <r:nav />
    and it will output a

      list similar to what you want.

      Feel free to hack it.

      • ryan