Hi All,

I am trying to build a site that has the following structure:

  • Home
    • Departments
      • Stores
      • Articles

On each department page - sport for example - I need to add a nav for
articles within that department. I have tried the following and I was
wondering if I was doing anything wrong as it doesn’t seem to work.

I have tried numerous different variations but don’t seem to be able to
manage it. If I only had articles as children it would of course be
but I need the stores beneath departments also. Any ideas??




radiant cannot parse Radius tags within Radius tags. This means, the
call <r:find url="<r:url />/articles/"> will not work. You will
probably need to do some conditionals or something, but I can’t think
of an easy way to set up what you would like to do. Maybe some sort
of nested navigation. In the wiki is a recipe for a site map, take a
look at that, it may solve your problem.

But in any case, nested Radius tags will not work.

Hope this helps a bit.

Keith B.
Tel: +49-7731-79838380


Yes, unfortunately, you will probably have to spell out the entire url
of the parent page. Or, if you don’t mind some minor brain-twisting,
you could do this:

<r:if_url matches=“articles/?$”">

  • Of course, modify that to your needs.