Nanoc 2.1

Hello list,

I’m happy to announce the release of nanoc 2.1.

nanoc is a powerful static site compiler. It layouts HTML pages,
filters Markdown/Textile/…, compiles assets, and more. It generates
HTML files ready for uploading to any web host. Its web site is


To update or install:

sudo gem install nanoc
sudo gem update nanoc

nanoc 2.1 has a lot of new features, so here’s a short summary:

  • (new) Asset compilation
  • (new) Multiple representations
  • (new) Routers
  • (new) discount, maruku, erubis filters
  • (new) “filesystem_combined” data source
  • (improved) A better commandline frontend
  • (improved) Greatly improved source code documentation
  • (improved) Greatly expanded automated test suite

For detailed information, please see the release announcement on the
nanoc blog at



Those two links obviously should not have been HTTPS ones. Corrections: