Naming + existing engines

Hey all, is there any list of Engine-based plugins out there already?
Any way to find new ones that might be useful? (This would make a great
FAQ entry…)

Also, I’m currently finishing up my first Engine for public consumption
(a sIFR-based rich-font helper), is there a convention for naming
Engine-based plugins? Right now I have my plugin named SifrHelper,
would SifrEngine be more clear/consistent?

Personally, I’d prefer that people didn’t use the SomethingEngine
name as it is too strongly associated with the negative views
surrounding “engines”. See
for some of my thoughts behind this.

Regarding a list, I’m not sure what value it would provide, beyond
making it easier for nay-sayers to tell which plugins they ought to
declare as “being evil” :slight_smile: Plugins can be useful whether or not they
take advantage of the engines plugin, and if they’re sufficiently
useful then you’ll hear about them through the grapevine anyway :slight_smile: