Namespaced controllers and helpers

Is there something different that has to be done in order to use helper
modules in namespaced controllers? I have some custom helpers in
app/helpers/*_helper.rb that work great in controllers in
app/controllers but not in app/controllers/admin

In my application.rb is the line

helper :all

and the namespaced controllers are descended from ApplicationController,
but when I reference one of the helper methods, I get method undefined
errors. This is Rails 2.0.2.


Never mind. It was a scope problem. I failed to notice that when I used
these helpers in other controllers, it was in the context of a render
:update block, which, I surmise, put it in the context of a view. I was
trying to use the same helper method as an argument to a method that
would do the render :update, so the scope was still that of the