Names for gems - duplicates?


Whoever is the first to upload a gem gets to keep this name, even if

Is there a way to register a gem with the same name, but as secondary
gem name?

Take the gem called “configuration”.

I have a project myself that is called configuration.

Many of my larger projects depend on it, but when I add it
as a dependency, the other configuration is used on
rubygems, which does things quite differently and in ways
that I don’t need - and there is no way for me to get in
my version of configuration ever because I can’t have the
same name.

This essentially blocks me from using efficiently.
‘configuration’ is just an example, there are more. ‘chemistry’
for instance or ‘taxonomy’ - nice names which are blocked
yet which I use for myself.

Is there a way to specify the same name but a different project?

The default name would still be whoever is first, but with an
alias I could specify another project instead to use.

On Feb 8, 2014, at 16:33, Marc H. [email protected] wrote:

I have a project myself that is called configuration.
Generic names are generic. You got beat to the punch by 6 years. Rename
your dependency.

You can prefix it with “mh-” or your github username for clarification.

I feel strongly that ‘configuration’ is a terrible name for a gem.
Even were it available, it shouldn’t be used.

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