Namelists -> web forms


Any thoughts/guidance on creating a modern incarnation
of NLEdit,

NLEdit turns Fortran namelists, which look like,

n_moving_bodies = 1, ! number of bodies in motion
body_name(1) = ‘FreeFall’, ! name must be in quotes
parent_name(1) = ‘’, ! ‘’ means motion relative to inertial
ref frame

rotate(1) = 0, ! rotation: 0=none,1=fixed
rotation_rate(1) = 0.0, ! rate of rotation
rotation_freq(1) = 0.0, ! reduced rotation frequency

(where ‘!’ is a comment character) into GUI forms with
the help of an intermediary file that provides meta data
about each variable, e.g., valid range, type, etc.

I was thinking tabbed web pages, one per namelist,
with some sort of DSL to get us from namelist to
web form by using the comment field.


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