N210 XCVR2450 Max Transmit Gain

?Dear All,

For some experiments I would like to transmit using N210s with XCVR2450
with maximum transmit gain.

I can see Ettus website that the XCVR2450 board in the transmit path has
a gain of:
VGA: 0-30 dB range
BB: 0-5 dB range?

Can I just set the gain via GNU Radio/UHD to 35, or do I need to set
these two values individually, and if so how.

I read this thread, but didn’t quite follow



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On 04/07/2015 06:50 AM, David Halls wrote:

VGA: 0-30 dB range

You don’t need to address the gain elements individually, unless you
have special requirements. UHD will distribute the requested gain