N210 halts after sometime while running

I am sending some AM modulated signal,
Sampling Frequency: 200k
at a center frequency of 2.41GHz
since my laptop was not having inbuilt Gigabit Ethernet, hence I am
using a USB 3.0 to GBe Ethernet convertor ( ASIX AX88179 ).

I am able to ping and detect my usrp, but when I run a simple signal
transmission code the the usrp halts after sometime ( the status led for
transmission stops glowing ). I tried with different sampling rates but
for sampling rates lower than 200k it gives warning of
“UHD Warning:
The hardware does not support the requested TX sample rate:
Target sample rate: 0.020000 MSps
Actual sample rate: 0.195312 MSps”
and the same halting problem continues for higher sampling rates the
warning disappears but the halting problem continues.

Laptop Specs:
Core i7 4 Gen
2.0 Ghz
8 GB RAM 2GB Graphics