N210, About Decimation Rate

Hello List,

I have a short question about the decimation rate of the
USRP N210 :

Since I know that the decimation rate of the N-Series is
supposed to be programmable and that one was able to
change it using the usrp_rx_cfile.py-script, why is this
option missing in the UHD-Version of this script?


Forgot the list :slight_smile:

The quick answer is:
It’s done for you
the formula is:

decimationrate = iround(tick_rate/sample_rate);
where tick_rate = 100e6, and sample_rate is the sample rate you set.

It will only allow accurate matches of the decimation rate, otherwise it
will tell you what sample rate it wants to go at.


2011/11/24 Sebastian D. [email protected]