N00b Help

Hi everyone,
I am a guy who can handle ftp/css/html and such. I am trying to setup a
forum site for some buddies and i really like what i saw out of beast
(http://beast.caboo.se/). I would like to set up a site that has a
single forum where all the posts go. It looks like this requires ruby
(which i’ve heard of but don’t know much about). I have a shared linux
godaddy hosting account (it’s free okay i know it sucks, but it’s
free!!). In any event, can Ruby be installed on this? do i need to
convert it to windows? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. If it is
possible to install Ruby, where do i get the files (i’ve seen this site
for example:http://rubyforge.org/) and how would i do this with go
daddy? It appears you don’t just ftp into the site! :slight_smile: Many thanks!

The buddha man!