[N00b] Can I generate a model file from [sql] table?

Ah, it’s been a while since I’ve done any rails – I almost forgot how
deceptively easy it is…

…to get yourself totally lost :wink:

Anyway, I probably did this all backwards, but I created my table by
writing a migration file, then rake db:migrate. So far, so good. I
even whipped up a quick script to grind through some tab-separated text
and fill the table – yay.

…But I seem to have forgotten the format for a model file, and I was
thinking it sure would be handy if I could just point some generator or
similar helper-script at the sql table and say “make me a model file
that looks like that.”

About what do I want to read more? (Already trying to find all my old
tutorials that include how to write a model file – I mean in terms of
“does it for you” scripts :D)


Hi Olie,

Olie D. wrote:

…But I seem to have forgotten the format for a model file,

Perhaps the easiest thing to do to stimulate your memory might be to
scaffold yourself a sandbox app. For the quick fix, just create a file
named ‘singular_version_of_your_table_name.rb’ with the following,

class SingularVersionOfYourTableName < ActiveRecord::Base