N_bytes initialization


I am looking through the inband code for a project. I noticed that in:
, the variable <n_bytes> is not
given a
value after initialization.

The variable is is used in: <const void *samples =
pmt_uniform_vector_elements(pmt_nth(2, data), n_bytes);> which is used
define the data length.

When I printed the <n_bytes> variable, I noticed it took *random values
on my

Is my observation correct, or is something done elsewhere?

note: file is </gnuradio/src/usrp/host/lib/inband/usrp_server.cc>


Hi Sanmi,

This code is still in the development stage, we are not supporting it
until it is officially released. There are still some issues that need
to be taken care of, and if you’re looking at the in-band code in the
trunk it’s months old.

However, this is mainly a PMT question. The second parameter is used to
return the number of bytes in the uniform vector. It is not how many
bytes you want to read, it is how many bytes were read.

  • George