MySQL workbench <--> Rails?

A long time ago … on a planet far away… a user posted something
about visualizing a ruby schema in MySQL Workbench. The answer was to
dumb the schema as SQL and then import into Workbench.

I tried to send the originator a quick email but failed so perhaps
someone here could update or enlighten me.

I’m at a similar place but going in the opposite direction, where I’d
like to model a project in MySQL Workbench and then generate the Ruby
database structure. A huge bonus would also cover additional migrations
from the MySQL Workbench.

I realize that some folks have created migration tools but it isn’t
clear which one is closest to what I need. As for the migrations, I’ve
thought it might even be possible to dump out the Rails db and then the
Workbench db … have a script do a diff and then code the a migration
script but I don’t want to repeat what someone might have already done.

Any thoughts on the subject?