Mysql string

hi, hope u’r all having a good week ahead -

does anyone know how to modify / change existing text in a db?

with the code

@foods = Food.find(:all)
food_rows = @foods.collect(&:fruit)
food_rows.each |r|
r.gsub(“really”, “”)

i get a good end result (if the data was

Food.find(1).fruit = “we really need apples”
Food.find(2).fruit = “we really need kiwis”
Food.find(3).fruit = “we really need oranges”

that is, after the code, i get

“we need apples”
“we need kiwis”
“we need oranges”

which is good, but that is the program’s output. i was wondering whether
someone knew a way to do this, that modifies the data in the database

thanks for the hassle

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